Out and about.

Images from here and afar.

It has become tiresome to differentiate between work and leisure, hence, in the interest of conservation, I will not make the effort.


Badlands National Park

Psychedelia after a rainstorm. View from Northeast Entrance at the Badlands Overlook. 1990

Yellowstone National Park

Crow Creek Fire by East Entrance. This erupted on a fine, hot afternoon on a ridge directly above us where lightning had hit two days before. 8/17/00

Bullion Butte

This is North Dakota?? Overlook from Bullion Butte, to south. 2003.

Custer National Forest

Pastoral view in Custer NF, near Ashland, MT. 1995

Nicolet National Forest

Post-fire vegetation monitoring near Lakewood, WI. Arabis missouriensis habitat. 7/98.

Lewis and Clark National Forest

Range Monitoring in the spring in the Little Belt Mountains. Near Yogo, MT. 7/3/04.

Lewis and Clark National Forest

Full body armor to deflect hideous biting insects. Range Monitoring just east of Bob Marshall Wilderness, by Gibson Reservoir. 6/01

Little Missouri National Grasslands

The Spare Hand. Rare plant surveys on proposed oil development. 9/19/05

Medicine Rocks State Park, MT

Monoliths aplenty for your viewing pleasure. 10/10/01.

Cherry Creek, SD

Or thereabouts. It is in the Missouri River breaks to the northwest of Pierre, SD. 1991

Lewis and Clark National Forest

Who is earthling man... Little Belt Mountains, west of Monarch, MT. Vegetation Monitoring project. 6/25/04

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands

Dried-out stock dam is prime habitat for Polygonum coccineum, which in turn, makes prime forage for waterfowl. 1991

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Near Sidney, MT. Another gale-force day on the trail of rare plants. Kyle Schumacher to the right. 9/8/05

Lewis and Clark National Forest

Castle Mountains, near Lennep, MT. Amy the scribe at her field desk. 6/25/04.

Yellowstone National Park

Time out. Twice yearly, roads are open to bike and foot only. Note Lodgepole regeneration beneath old forest killed during fires of '88. 11/10/01.

Yellowstone National Park

Customer Complaint Department: Blame them for my existence. Anne and Gene Schmoller. 5/24/02

San Pedro Island, Belize

Volunteer construction. Building a Kingdom Hall with stone-age tools. 12/03

Cottonwood Reservoir, MT

Near Wilsall, MT. Pelecanus erythrorhyncos, the magnificent American White Pelican. 6/12/04.

Lewis and Clark National Forest

Little Belt Mountains again. Crisp, clear, spring rain. All gave off green. Near Utica, MT. 6/10/04.

Black Tern Bog State Natural Area, WI

In Arbor Vitae, a short walk from our house. Lots of rare species. 8/27/05.

Grand River National Grasslands

South of Lemmon, SD. Rare plant survey. 9/05

Porkupine Mountains State Park, MI

Who has been eating my porridge? We rented a cabin in midst of delightful old growth forest. 10/99

Custer National Forest, SD

Slim Buttes. Jim and Isaac Nauertz closing in on venison. Photographer conscripted as burden bearer for bourgois hunting caste. 11/20/04

Paradise Valley, MT

What was our backyard for five years. Oh well. 5/29/05.

Little Missouri National Grasslands

On the Little Missouri River. Amy lands big yellow boat on way to finding huge Chenopodium subglabrum population. 8/02

Yellowstone National Park

Bighorn ram with that reptilian eye. Head butting can be heard for miles. 2/01

Ruby Mountains Wilderness, NV

Visiting friends in Elko, NV, we came across this oasis in the high desert. 4/27/05.

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Running from myself southeast of Sidney, MT. 9/19/05

Yellowstone National Park

Road rage. Amy confronting tailgating bicyclist. We rode from Mammoth to West Yellowstone and back. 100 miles/2 days. 3/25/04

Lewis and Clark National Forest

Rare plant surveys, but there is time to swoon. West of Augusta, MT. 10/5/04

Ashland, MT

Uncle! Amy retrieves her purse from some foolish bear. 7/95

Chippewa National Forest

Driving While Infested. Someday I will do a thesis on the correlation between flesh eating insects and absence of rare plants. 7/02

Big Muskellunge Lake, WI

Near Boulder Junction. Deep, clear lake, 90% state owned. 8/02

Big Sky, MT

Out on the big slopes. 12/01

Superior National Forest

So you want to be a botanist? 6/20/03

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Hold hands you lovebirds. 8/9/02

Astragalus alpinus

From the Little Belt Mountains, MT. Very common. 6/18/04

Gaillardia aristata

Blanket flower, from the Rocky Mountain Front west of Augusta, MT. 7/8/04

Pine Creek, MT

Why they call it Paradise Valley. We lived there five years and it is no exaggeration to say every day the scenery was stunning. 5/30/05

Castle Mountains, MT

Rolling down the hillside in the pickup. Going uphill was a thrill; you could see nothing but blue sky. This was to access vegetation plots. 6/25/04

Grand River National Grasslands

Prairie rattlesnake sunning in late summer. I almost stepped on him, and as I moved to my left, I almost stepped on another. 9/05

Ottawa National Forest

The rare Clemmys insculpta, or Wood turtle. Habitat loss is the main cause. 6/20/05

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Atop Bullion Butte. Wind tossed us around like we didn't belong. Lots of disjuncts, relicts, outliers, anomalies on these plateaus. I thought we'd fit in. 6/4/03

Golva, MT

West of town on the way to Miles City. This is not an illusion, it was this green. 6/5/03

Pedicularis cystopteridifolia

Castle Mountains, MT. Limited to MT and WY. First collected by Meriwether Lewis in 1806.

Campanula rotundifolia

From a rocky bluff overlooking the Ontonagon River in Ontonagon County, MI. A fine place for a picnic. 6/22/05

Yellowstone National Park

It is claimed that they comprise one of the few herds of Bison that do not have cattle genes. 5/9/05

Villa de layva, Columbia

A weekend get-a-way to a sleepy village. We were there doing volunteer construction on a branch of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in Facatativa. 3/91

Castle Mountains, MT

Amy at her desk, taking notes. 6/23/04

Yellowstone National Park

Firehole River. On a hot day it's a perfect swim. Jump into the rapids and get tumbled downstream and dashed upon the rocks. Claw upstream and do it again. 8/20/03

Little Belt Mountains

Juncus. I could not believe the color. 7/3/04

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Astragalus in the sunset. 6/03

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Petrified wood with petrified man. 9/18/05

Gardiner, MT

Elk seeking revenge. 2000

Little Belt Mountains, MT

Amy reeling it in on a high, open meadow. 6/23/04

Custer National Forest, SD

Slim Buttes. Jim and Issac Nauertz hot on the trail of imaginary mule deer. They would see many. 11/19/04

Yellowstone National Park

Hold that pose. Coyote. 2/02

Fritillaria atropurpurea

Chocolate lily. Castle Mountains, MT. 6/16/04

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Southeast of Sidney, MT. 9/11/05

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands

Nice walk, anyhow. Perry Dexter, Jim Nauertz. 11/09/03

Yellowstone National Park

Mr. Moose. On our last trip to Cooke City before we moved away. 5/25/05.

Lewis and Clark National Forest

West of Augusta, MT. 7/4/04

Chequamegon National Forest

Saw Whet owl. 1996

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands

Near Scenic, SD, looking for Astragalus barrii. Found millions. 6/93

Little Missouri National Grasslands

Horned toad. Golden Valley County. 9/22/05

Grand Teton National Park

Exiled bull moose. 11/6/94

Belize, Central America

Build it and they will come. Mayan Ruins. 4/03

Philip, SD

Small town with big cloud. We lived here for four years. 6/91

Schrankia nuttallii

From Philip Junction, SD. That's south of Philip. 7/90

Belize, Central America

Volunteer construction on Kingdom Hall in Hattieville. 4/03

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North Unit. Little Missouri River in the morning fog. Unassigned territory project in 4/98.

Vandercook Lake, Vilas County, WI

From my folks front yard. 7/80

Vandercook Lake, Vilas County, WI

From my folk's front yard. 8/87

Vandercook Lake, Vilas County, WI

While cross country skiing across the lake. 2/81

Badlands National Park

At the Northeast Entrance. One of my first natural resource jobs. 9/90.

Somewhere in Wisconsin

One of my first contracts. Rare plant surveys on shorelines of impoundments throughout WI. 8/92

Villa de Layva, Columbia SA

It was as tranquil as it looks. 3/91

Warsaw, Poland

In the old city. There for an international convention of Jehovah's witnesses in Katowice 8/06.

Pedro, South Dakota

Rite of Passage, Amy Wilsey. April 1968.