A byproduct of our professional, scientific, botanical field surveys are the photographs of Rare Plant Species and habitats you see to the right.
These are all considered rare in one place or another in the US. Remember, while some plants are rare throughout their range, not all plants are rare in all nations or all states or counties. And National Forests have their own lists. And rarity comes and goes. So it is called a 'working list.'
Hence, while I list a few of the states in which these plants are listed are rare, you may find that they are considered rare by counties, state forests, national forests, or other subdivisions of states.
We don't go into great detail about the habitats. We give a general description. There are many habitat typing systems and we wish to stay out of the fray. 
We don't attempt to list all the places that these species are rare. Our purpose is to showcase the plants. Check your state Natural Heritage Program or the NRCS Plants Database for more information on rarity.















































































































































Adoxa moschatellina

Moschatel. Yellowstone National Park. Rare in IL, NY, WI.

Agoseris lackschewitzii

Pink agoseris. Little Belt Mountains, MT. Rare in MT.

Amerorchis rotundifolia

Roundleaf orchid. Near Lakewood, WI. Rare in ME, MI, WI.

Arabis missouriensis

Missouri rock cress. Near Lakewood, WI. Rare in many eastern states.

Arethusa bulbosa

Dragon's mouth. In a Tamarack bog near Babbitt, MN. Rare in eastern US.

Astragalus alpinus

Alpine milkvetch. Bayfield County, WI. Rare in WI, MI, ME. Very common in Rocky Mountains. This is an outlier.

Astragalus barrii

Barr's milkvetch. Near Scenic, SD. Rare all over its limited range.

Astragalus canadensis

Canadian milkvetch. Ontonagon River, MI. Rare in VT, MD, MI.

Astragalus neglectus

Cooper's milkvetch. Ontonagon River, MI. Rare in NY, OH, PA, WI.

Botrychium mormo

Moonwort. Rare all over the place. Tough to find. Shifty. Tempermental.

Calopogon puchellis

Grasspink. Near Tofte, MN. Rare in IL and elsewhere. Rare in IL, KY, MD, NY.

Calypso bulbosa

Fairy slipper. Pine Creek, MT. Rare in WI, MI, NY, NH, VT.

Carex formosa

Handsome sedge

Sheyenne National Grassland. Rare in NY, NJ, OH, PA, WI, MN...

Carex michauxiana

Michaux's sedge. Bayfield County, WI. Rare in WI, MA.

Chenopodium subglabrum

Smooth goosefoot. Little Missouri River, Slope County, ND. Rare on Little Missouri NG.

Collinsia parviflora

Blue-eyed Mary. Little Belt Mountains, MT. Rare in ND and Ottawa NF.

Cynoglossum boreale

Northern wild comfrey. Bayfield County, WI. Rare in many eastern states.

Cypripedium reginae

Showy lady's slipper. Near Lakewood, WI. Rare in 14 states.

Dentaria maxima

Large toothwort. Ontonagon County, MI. Rare in MI, ME, NJ.

Diplazium pycnocarpon

Glade fern. Special Concern in WI. Rare in at least 12 states.

Dryopteris expansa

Spreading woodfern. Rare in WI, MI, CO, WY, YK.

Dryopteris fragrans

Fragrant fern. Rare in NY, NF, NS, VT, NH. Special Concern in WI.

Dryopteris goldiana

Goldie's woodfern. Ontonagon River, MI. Rare in CT, ME, NH, NY.

Equisetum palustre

Marsh Horsetail

Sheyenne National Grassland. Rare in NH, NY, VT, CT, ND

Eriogonum cernuum

Nodding buckwheat. Slope County, ND. Rare on Little Missouri NG.

Eriogonum cernuum

Nodding buckwheat. Another shot. Little Missouri National Grasslands, Golden Valley County.

Eriogonum cernuum

Nodding buckwheat. Little Missouri National Grasslands. Golden Valley County.

Eriogonum visheri

Dakota buckwheat or Visher's buckwheat. Perkins County, SD. Rare across its range.

Eriogonum visheri

Dakota buckwheat or Visher's buckwheat. Another look at it. Perkins County, western SD.

Galearis spectabilis

Showy orchis. Ontonagon River, MI. Rare in MI, ME, NY, NH, RI.

Galium labradoricum

Northern bog bedstraw

Sheyenne National Grassland. Rare in CT, IL, IA, NH, NJ, OH, PA, ND...

Panax quinquefolius

American ginseng, of course. Forest County, WI. Listed as rare in 10 states. Poaching has been a big factor.

Juncus stygius

Moor rush. Vilas County, WI. I found this population in July of 1998. Rare in ME, MI, NY, NH, MN, WI. Not relocated at this site. Maybe beavers or human traffic snuffed it out.

Leucocrinum montanum

Star lily. From Badlands National Park. Rare in ND.

Leucophysalis grandiflora

Large-flowered Ground-cherry. Rare in WI, SK, QC.

Oryzopsis canadensis

Canadian rice-grass. From Bayfield County, WI. Rare in MI, WI, MN, NY, ME, NH, WV, NB, NF, NS, PE, MB, AB, SK.

Oxytropis campestris v. chartacea

Field locoweed. Bayfield County, WI. Federally listed. Rare in WI, ME.

Petasites sagittatus

Sweet coltsfoot. From northeastern Minnesota, on the Superior National Forest. Rare on the Chequamegon-Nicolet NF.

Phlox alyssifolia

Alyssumleaf phlox. Bullion Butte, ND. Billings County. Disjunct, rare in ND.

Platanthera hookeri

Hooker's orchid - West of Grand Marais, MN, on the Superior NF. July 06

Platanthera orbiculata

Large roundleaf orchid. Bayfield County, WI. Rare or vulnerable in 13 states and 8 provinces.

Platanthera praeclara

Western prairie fringed orchid - From east of Lisbon, ND on the Sheyenne National Grasslands. Extremely rare, federally listed.

Polemonium occidentale ssp. lacustre

Western Jacob's ladder. A disjunct population in Florence County, WI. Very rare in MN and WI.

Polystichum braunii

Braun's holly fern. Ontonagon River, MI. Imperiled or vulnerable in 6 states and 7 provinces.

Pterospora andromedea

Giant pinedrops. Rare in at least 12 states and provinces.

Pyrola asarifolia

Pink wintergreen. Ontonagon County, MI. Rare on Ottawa NF.

Ranunculus gmelinii

Small yellow water-crowfoot. St. Louis County, MN. Rare in WI, ME, IA, and NB, NS, NF, QE, PE.

Ranunculus lapponica

Lapland buttercup. West of Grand Marais, MN. Rare in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine

Senecio congestus

Marsh fleabane

Bayfield County, WI. Rare in WI, probably extirpated in MI.

Solidago houghtonii

Houghton's goldenrod. Schoolcraft County, MI. Near Manistique. Rare in MI, NY, ON.

Talinum parviflorum

Small-flower fameflower. Perkins County, SD. Vulnerable to imperiled in WY, ND, IL, LA, AL, IA, AZ. "Watch Species" on Grand River NG.

Tanacetum huronense

Lake Huron tansy. Schoolcraft County, MI, near Manistique. Rare in WI, MI, ME and 8 provinces.

Taxus canadensis

Canadian yew. Oconto County, WI. Rare in 12 eastern states and 1 province.

Tiarella cordifolia

Heartleaf foamflower. Ontonagon River, MI. Rare in WI, MS, NS. Rare on Ottawa NF.

Townsendia hookeri

Hooker's townsendia. Bullion Butte, Billings County, ND. Rare in ND, NE, AK, BC, AB. Is it really a separate species?

Vaccinium cespitosum

Dwarf bilberry or huckleberry. Oconto County, WI. Rare in WI, MI, WY, NY, NH, VT and 4 provinces. Specific host to rare Northern blue butterfly.

Utricularia resupinata

Northeastern bladderwort. Vandercook Lake, Vilas County, WI. Rare in WI, MN and 15 other states and 2 provinces.

Valeriana uliginosa

Marsh valerian. Also known as Valeriana sitchensis ssp. uliginosa. Forest County, WI. Rare in WI, IL, IN, NY, NH, ME, VT, OH, ON, QC.

Viola novae-angliae

New England violet. Sawyer County, WI. Rare in MI, NY, ME, MB, ON, NB. Rare on Chequamegon NF.

Spring seep

At bottom of ravine. Sedges abound. Grand River in western SD.

Riparian area

Willows along creek in Little Belt Mountains.

Sandstone bluff

Raining sandstone debris on passersby. Little Missouri River in western ND.

Mixed grass prairie

Grand River National Grassland, western SD.

Seepage lake

Northern Wisconsin, Bayfield County. Water level fluctuates seasonally.

Moderately Rich Fen

Nicolet National Forest, near Florence, WI. Lots of Eriophorum.

Sagebrush meadow

Bison with beauticians. Yellowstone National Park.

Badlands outcrop

Feels like the moon. Badlands National Park, SD.

Douglas fir-Lodgepole pine

From the Little Belt Mountains, MT

Floating bog

A mat of ericaceous shrubs and sphagnum moss extending out over the lake. Ontonagon County, MI

Mixed grass prairie

East of Baker, MT. Intermingled badlands and Ponderosa pine.

Intermountain grassland

Castle Mountains, MT. Overgrazed here, hence the abundant forbs.

Wild rice marshland

I think this is the St. Louis River in St. Louis County, MN.

Mixed grass prairie

North of Marmarth, ND. Badlands too.


And more. Clay embankments here along the Ontonagon River, in upper MI.

Black spruce bog

One reference calls this "Treed bog: black spruce/ericaceous shrub/Sphagnum." Near Babbitt, MN.


Everything is in this photo. Grasslands, Lodgepole, Talus. Little Belt Mountains, MT.


More of everything. Intermountain grasslands up here, with Douglas fir. North of Gibson Reservoir, east of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Wooded Draw

In mixed grass prairie, Billings County, ND. With Ulmus americana and Fraxinus pennsylvanica.

Talus slope

In North Dakota! On Bullion Butte, in Slope County. Sandstone blocks.


Gravelly riverbed along Little Missouri River in Slope County, ND. Seasonally flooded.


Yellowstone Lake, that is. With fires. 2002.


Lake Superior, looking east at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Alpine lake

In High Uintas Wilderness, Utah.

Cottonwood floodplain

Along Little Missouri River, northeast of Marmarth, ND.

Mixed grass prairie

With Tradescantia bracteata and badlands. Badlands National Park, SD.

Intermountain grassland

With Oxytropis sericea. Castle Mountains, north of Lennep, MT.


Sheep Creek in the Little Belt Mountains, north of White Sulphur Springs, MT. Strawberry Butte in distance.

Rock outcrop

And some intermountain grassland. Rimrock Ridge in the Little Belt Mountains, MT.

Intermountain grassland

Cattle at work. Little Belt Mountains, MT.


And much more: Rock outcrop, sagebrush, Lodgepole, Douglas fir. West of Augusta, MT.

Intermountain grassland

Heavily grazed plot in the Little Belt Mountains, MT.

Intermountain grassland

With Delphinium bicolor. In the Little Belt Mountains, MT.

Rock outcrop

Canadian Shield rock in northern Minnesota. Superior National Forest, west of Tofte.

Mixed grass prairie

Little Missouri National Grasslands, SE of Sidney, MT.

Intermountain grassland

Castle Mountains, MT.

Hemlock-Yellow Birch-Sugar Maple

Porkupine Mountains State Park, MI